Exclusive Watercolour and Drinks

torsdag 11. mar 2021
kl. 18:00

The wait is over! 

We are thrilled to invite you to ARTNSIPS Exclusive Watercolour & Drinks event! This event is part of ARTNSIPS Exclusive line of events. 

Join us on this fun artistic and colourful journey to the world of watercolor painting, while enjoying your favorite drink and good company!  

The event will be led and taught by the talented Polish artist, Alex Schiele. Alex will provide step-by-step instructions in helping you create a beautiful painting, similar to the one in the image above, with watercolours & ink. 

Follow along, feel free to change the colours, or do your own thing. At ARTNSIPS we have one requirement only, have FUN.

The event is designed for everyone! For those who never held a paintbrush before & want to try something new, for those who might want to develop their skills further, and for those who might want to create a beautiful work of art, in just a few hours. All are invited! 

The event will take place at our awesome waterfront venue, BAR50, located at our hostel.

*Limited number of tickets available. Get yours now before they sell out.*

Read more and book your tickets here