Live performance: SoonEnough

Live performance: SoonEnough

First live of the year we have invited SoonEnough to come and deliver his live looping bonanza right here in the bar 
SoonEnough is a musician, dancer and loop artist from Copenhagen, Denmark.

SoonEnough mixes sounds from beatboxing, guitar, panflute, singing, harmonica together into a funky, rockin', groovin' mix of original tunes using a loop pedal. Sometimes composed, sometimes improvised, and often presented with hot'n funky breakdance and electric boogie-moves.

All music is being performed and recorded in front of the audience, live on the spot - no pre-recorded tracks are being used.

A Soundtrack For Your Eyes - the interaction between music and dance in SoonEnough's performance is unique and has not been practised before.
21pm - Free Entry like all events at Bar50
January prices in the bar 

We look forward to seeing you

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