Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017 - VULTURE FOREST

Copenhagen Jazz Festival VULTURE FOREST

Vulture Forest delves in the borderlands between the blissful and the melancholic, the calm and the anxious. This is echoed in their self-titled song, Vulture Forest - an ode to the forest, yet also a reference to the inescapable busy life of our century. It consists of a meditative guitar melody contrasted by an aggressive accompaniment from the trumpet, drums and bass. The tune Flere Lysår Væk expresses a similar wish for inner calm but here the musicians all blend together in a dreamlike, almost naive environment. Vulture Forest strives to create truly honest music using a trusted bond created amongst the musicians that permits spontaneity, playfulness and gives each musician plenty of space to express their ideas.


Line up

Kristoffer Vejslev (DK) – guitar

James Mclure (ZA) - trumpet

Luka Benčič (SI) - Upright bass

Love Ekenberg (SE) - drums

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