Copenhagen Light Festival 2020

Saturday 01. Feb 2020
kl. 17:00

Copenhagen Light Festival lights up Copenhagen in February's darkness

This year at Copenhagen Light Festival Danhostel Copenhagen City is part of The Green Beam which will start at Tivoli goes to Danhostel Copenhagen City and Through to Refshaleøen in the period of 1st to 23rd of February


A tribute to the beauty in the energy of light.

As a reference to the Danish Niels Bohr’s atomic model and the principle of light transmission, the green laser – one of the most distilled forms of light - has the last two years been the landmark for Copenhagen Light Festival in February connecting the heart of Tivoli with the spire at Nikolaj Kunsthal. It stretched one

kilometer and reached 65 meters in the air. in 2020 part III will be angled, going from Tivoli to Danhostel

and from there to Refshaleøen adding more than 3 km of the beam to the original project.



Every day at sunset the beam turns on as an extension of winter’s sparse sunbeams and works very concrete as an indicator of what time the sun has gone below the horizon. A time that differs with almost an entire hour from February 1 to February 23.

The beam is created by two extremely powerful laser machines shooting out from two windows at the top of Danhostel and creates the illusion of the beam being reflected inside the room. One beam is going to the heart of Tivoli and the other stretches more than 3 km to the old shipyard halls on Refshaleøen and connects that part of Copenhagen to the rest of the city and includes Refshaleøen in Copenhagen Light Festival. The scale and clarity of the light will astonish and shed new light on the city. it will function as a guideline to the two extremes on the route during the festival and will give spectators a completely different perspective on Copenhagen.




Martin Ersted (b. 1977) is a Danish artist mainly working with light, and especially laser technology. He is part of the collaboration Båll & Brand (bll&brnd) and has been behind several distinctive light-works in Denmark and abroad, including artwork at Mt Bjolfur (1.048m) in Iceland, and most recently the Royal Danish Cathedral in Roskilde and Copenhagen Light Festival. This winter one of his works will also be presented at Amsterdam Light Festival Read more and see examples at

Permits and safety are being processed through the ministry of traffic and Copenhagen Airport.

The CO2 footprint of Green Beam s is being offset through and other projects.


Experience Danhostel Copenhagen City light up in the period February 1st-23rd 2020, when the beautiful Light Festival, once again, is lighting up the city. Harbor and city Spaces are lit up by great light experiences from Nordhavn to Ørestrad. There will be light on dark drifting clouds, beautiful old buildings, architectural squares, and the city's Canals. 

Experience the organic light and combine the experience with some free jazz concerts every Friday in February at 17:00 in our bar, BAR50! Everyone is welcome and we have great deals on wine, coffee, beer, and snacks!

Tivoli's new initiative "Winter in Tivoli" is aligned with the festival, so as much as the city as possible is highlighted - so if you're staying at our hostel in February, then remember to upgrade your room to a room with a view, that way you are guaranteed to stay in one of the top floors and thus does not miss the city's light experiences!

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