CPH Light Festival

Copenhagen Light Festival lights up Copenhagen in February's darkness

Every year in February, the Copenhagen Light Festival transforms the city into a celebration of lighting art and luminous experiences.

Experience Copenhagen in a whole new light and explore a program of light work made by both Danish and international artists and designers.

This year our hostel houses a lightwork called 'TOWER OF AWARENESS' by Christian Otto Troelsfeldt, PHOSPHOR.
The lightwork uses our existing lighting with a new programmed design that illuminates topics and issues that require our attention (awareness). Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects how you see the world, how you think, communicate, and interact with others. Tower of awareness encourages people to seek knowledge and to be altruistic when it comes to helping others. The work focuses on the fact that not all people see, hear, or feel the world in the same way.

Copenhagen Light Festival can be experienced in the period 3.-26. February and is optimal for various walking and cycling routes through the city. You'll find our hostel as number 80 on the festival's map and program, and our doors are open for everyone. Take a break from the route and get warm in our café, where we serve both cold and hot drinks.

Read more about the festival and find the route here.