Francesco Cigna Trio feat. Bob Rockwell - August 5.

Francesco Cigna Trio feat. Frank LoCascio

Come and see Francesco Cigna Trio featuring Bob Rockwell live at Bar50!

Francesco Cigna plays inspired classical jazz guitar, and he dominates his guitar elegantly in the same style as Wes Montgomery / Jim Hall.

As son of the Italian jazz musician, Tony Cigna, Francesco was influenced to play jazz from an early age.

Francesco Cigna has attracted attention for his passion for classical jazz guitar tradition. His deep, warm tune is candy for the ears, and his fine feeling of beautiful swinging phrases on the guitar is very unique.

Bob Rockwell is a saxophonist & composer of international ability. Rockwell has demonstrated his immense skills and versatility by his acclaimed contribution to various ensembles & big bands.


Bob Rockwell - saxophone

Frank LoCascio - vibraphone

Francesco Cigna - guitar

Morten Ankerfeldt - bass

Tony Cigna - drums

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