Jazz festival | Dam/Krog/Riskær, Samuel Kiel, Cecilie Stange & Simon Spang-Hanssen

Saturday 03. Jul 2021
kl. 17:00

Every single summer since 1979 Copenhagen Jazz Festival has been taking over Copenhagen as one of Europe’s most important international music events based on eminent artistic quality and a sharp focus on new departures in both Danish and international jazz. As usual, BAR50 is a part of this fantastic festival. 

Experience a cozy afternoon jazz at 5 pm, with the jazz trio Dam/Krog/Riskær who will be united by Samuel Kiel, Cecilie Strange and Simon Spang-Hanssen!
The concert cost 100 kr. per person, including a glass of beer, wine or bubbles after your choice.
NB! There's a limited number of seats, so remember to secure your spot and book your seat in advance! Write us at rec@cphhostel.dk with your name and the number of guests attending the event.


Dam/Krog/Riskær is a jazz trio without bass, but today they will play with the bassist Samuel Kiel! The expression is playful, honest, and raw, drawing on history as well as the modern and fresh ideas, to make a full and at times complex universe of jazz. This Saturday, the trio will be united with, not just one, but two amazing saxophonists:
Cecilie Strange is a graduate of Cand. Musicae from the music conservatory in Odense with the majors rhythmic saxophone and composition in 2012. Since then she has released three albums in her own name - in addition to appearing on several other albums. Her recently released album BLIKAN and BLUE is more pure Nordic jazz with a folk touch.
Simon Spang-Hanssen Saxophonist and composer of remarkable originality. Undoubtedly colored by his collaboration with a large spectrum of musicians during his long stay in Paris, the pieces had either African, Middle-Eastern or orthodox jazz accents, without, at any point, giving the impression of being exercises in style

Experience all these 6 artistic and talented musicians when the trio Dam/Krog/Riskær and Samuel Kiel will play first set and then be united with Cecilie and Simon for a longer second set.

Line up:
Philip Sune Dam: Guitar
Morten Krog: Drums
Eskil Riskær: Piano
Samuel Kiel: Bassist
Cecilie Strange: Saxophone
Simon Spang-Hanssen: Saxophone