Red Gazelle - August 19.

Red Gazelle

Come and see Red Gazelle at Bar50!

Red Gazelle is a Young Danish jazz trio founded in 2015 by Kristoffer Vejslev (guitar). He is bringing Peter Price (bass) and Simon Forchammer (drums). Vejslev studies at the music conservatory in Amsterdam and composes most of the trio's music, while Price and Forchammer both are active members of experimenting part of Copenhagen's jazz scene.

The group has its starting point in the jazz genre with parallells to the current movements within Nordic and cross Atlantic jazz. Hereafter they seek to create something new through an interaction with elements from other genres. This can be everything from neo classicism to pop, and the meeting between the different genres lead to contrasts, which you can also hear in the beat of the composition.

The music can go from reckless to melancholic, from furious to laid back, and from poetic to violent and vice versa. In magical moments the music melts together to everything at once.


Kristoffer Vejslev - guitar

Peter Price - bass

Simon Forchammer - drums


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