Tao Højgaard - February 5

Sunday 05. Feb 2017
kl. 21:00

Come see Tao Højgaard live at Bar50 at the Winter Jazz 2017!

On the border between ambient electronica and dusty jazz you will find the jazz guitarist Tao Højgaard.

A man, a guitar, and lots of Electronic devices together create a sound best categorized as dreamy, lyrical film music - at times a vibrant big city expression that creates a picture to the listerner's inner eye.

The visual look of wires, maschines and flashing LED lights create a contrast to the classical expression of the jazz guitar. Sound collages are created in real-time by the jazz guitar and and modified by the machines that create an extention of the guitar as an instrument.

Tao Højgaard is inspired by jazz musicans such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane, as well as electrinc musicans Loscil and Pole.

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