The Buglady - June 27.

The Buglady

Come and try our new concept BUGS FOR BREAKFAST and taste some small delicious snacks made with insects!

Tuesday the 27th of June between 7 - 10 AM will Nina Askov, better known as The Buglady, visit our hostel and teach you more about the benefits and all the good reasons to integrate bugs in your everyday kitchen.

Nina is a author and has publish the Danish book 'Bugs on the menu - the new trend in Europe'. She has also been working as a chef for several years, where she developed countless recipes and is now helping us to focus on the environment.

Join us for some breakfast and meet Nina the Buglady! You can read much more about Nina here:

The buffet is served every day between 7 and 10 am. Order the buffet in our café or reception and support a sustainable future – if you dare!


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