Winterjazz | Vejslev & Vejslev

Thursday 23. Feb 2023
kl. 20:00

Winterjazz is a nationwide music festival that takes place in February each year. The festival spans three weeks featuring more than 600 concerts, 150 venues and independent organizers from across Denmark and BAR50 is of course a part of this amazing festival. Experience a cozy jazz concert in our bar every Thursday in February! 🎢🎷

Enjoy this Thursday evening with Vejslev & Vejslev who is playing at 8 pm!
The concert cost 100 dkk per person, including a glass of beer, wine or bubbles after your choice. Buy your ticket here.

Experience the duo Vejslev & Vejslev which started in 2008, which is also when Kristoffer Vejslev really started to immerse himself in jazz. Taught by his dad, composer and guitarist Jakob Vejslev, the teacher/student relationship quickly developed into a common journey of the art of playing a guitar duo. Vejslev & Vejslev explores the duo format through jazz standards, from windblown bebop to floating ballads; all with the mutual musical understanding that comes after years of intense interaction.

Line up:
Kristoffer Vejslev
Jakob Vejslev