Bugs for breakfast!

Bugs for breakfast

As a whole new concept, our breakfast buffet has been supplemented with the sustainable food of the future: Insects!

Come and try our new concept BUGS FOR BREAKFAST and taste some small delicious snacks like muffins or crackers made with insect flour.

We will also serve whole insect, that has been seasoned and cooked into a tasty snack to our more adventurous guests.

There is a lot of good reasons to integrate bugs in your everyday kitchen. They are filled with proteins, fiber, healthy fatty acids and all the important minerals your body needs.

We collaborate with Buglady.dk and uses approved suppliers like Kalu A/S and Dininsektbutik.dk.

The buffet is served every day between 7 and 10 am. Order the buffet in our café or reception and support a sustainable future – if you dare!

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