Winterjazz | Dam/Krog/Riskær/Vindvad & Simon Spang-Hanssen

Thursday 10. Feb 2022
kl. 17:00

Vinterjazz is a nationwide music festival that takes place in February each year. The festival spans three weeks featuring more than 600 concerts, 150 venues and independent organizers from all across Denmark

Experience a cozy afternoon jazz at 5 pm, with the jazz quartet Dam/Krog/Riskær/Vindvad who will be united with Simon Spang-Hanssen!
The concert cost 100 dkk per person, including a glass of beer, wine or bubbles after your choice.
NB! There's a limited number of seats, so remember to secure your spot and book your seat in advance! Write us at with your name and the number of guests attending the event.


Dam/Krog/Riskær/Vindvad The expression is playful, honest, and raw and draws on both the traditional and the modern currents in jazz. A straight and raw approach. The repertoire is classic bop, with a bluesy edge and grooves. This Thursday, the quartet will be united with the amazing saxophonists:
Simon Spang-Hanssen Saxophonist and composer of remarkable originality. Undoubtedly colored by his collaboration with a large spectrum of musicians during his long stay in Paris, the pieces had either African, Middle-Eastern or orthodox jazz accents, without, at any point, giving the impression of being exercises in style

Line up:
Philip Sune Dam: Guitar
Morten Krog: Drums
Eskil Riskær: Piano
Søren Vindvad: Bassist
Simon Spang-Hanssen: Saxophone