House rules

We have certain rules that we ask all our guests to adhere to for the sake of other guests as well as the staff. If you have any questions about the house rules, please contact us via email at


It is not permitted to bring alcohol into the hostel. Alcohol will be confiscated by staff with an additional fee of DKK 1,000.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. All smoking must take place outside the hostel. Smoking inside will result in a fee of DKK 1,000. An additional fee of DKK 6,500 will be charged if the smoke detector is activated. 

Our guests

Our hostel is reserved for tourists, students, camp schools and groups. We reserve the right to reject the guest at any time and may on arrival require to see photo identification and charge a deposit.

It's not possible to register your CPR at our hostel.


Consideration to other guests are important and we request that any noise is avoided in the rooms between 11 PM and 8 AM.

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