Rental of various items

At the reception, you can rent various items that you may need during your stay with us. This includes hairdryers, ironing boards, padlocks, bicycles, umbrellas, strollers for children, and more.

If you wish to rent any of the items listed below, please inquire at the reception.

Hair dryer



Ironing board/iron


You can rent a padlock for our lockers in the rooms for 20 DKK (+30 DKK deposit). 

If you wish to purchase the padlock, it can be yours for 50 DKK.

Ironing board and iron

You can rent an ironing board with an accompanying iron for 20 DKK (+80 DKK deposit).


If you need your hair to dry extra quickly, you can rent a hairdryer for 20 DKK (+80 DKK deposit).


You can rent an umbrella through our umbrella supplier DripDrop Hotel Umbrellas, which is a system that not only keeps our guests dry on rainy days but also reminds our guests to return the umbrellas so we avoid producing too many. The umbrellas are made of 100% recycled plastic.

See prices for renting umbrellas at the reception.


We have bicycles for rent in collaboration with Copenhagen Bicycles. You can rent them for 120 DKK per day, and a bicycle helmet for an additional 30 DKK per day.

Equipment for children

You can rent a crib including sheets, pillow, and duvet for 75 DKK per stay. There is room for a maximum of 1 crib per room.

We also offer rental of strollers during your stay for 50 DKK per day.

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