About sustainability, ecology, environment and awareness of responsibility

At Danhostel Copenhagen City, we want to create a hostel where we are responsible about ecology, the environment, recycling, food waste, sustainability, etc. That is why we have implemented the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in our daily operations and strategy. All of our initiatives follow the overall manifesto of the Danhostel cooperation.

We have worked for many years to improve sustainability and we are constantly investing in new sustainable projects. Scroll down to see our actions, which are still becoming more and more.

We save on water – with you!

In 2019, we have installed Aguardio sensors in our bathrooms. It helps our guests remember to take shorter baths to save on the water. The average European use about 40 liters of water when taking a shower. It takes on average 6½ minutes. At our hostel you can use your new sensor to time your shower. If you are faster than the 6½ minutes, you have helped save water. This initiative supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 6, 12 and 13.
Learn more about Aguardio

We share umbrellas with you

In 2020, we had these nice umbrellas designed for our guests to rent when living here. The umbrellas are made in collaboration with DripDrop Hotel Umbrellas, a system that not only keeps our guests dry on rainy days, but which also reminds our guests to return the umbrellas, so we avoid having to produce too many. The umbrellas are made of recycled plastic and are of such good quality that they last for several years. The plastic is the so-called post-consumer rPET polyester, which would otherwise end up in the sea or in landfills. This initiative supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13 and 14.
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Eco-friendly linen tote bags

As part of avoiding plastic, we have made an agreement with our linen supplier to have all linen delivered in Upcy bags, which are tote bags produced from discarded textiles. The tote bags are reusable and is washed together with our daily linen stock, delivered by Textilia Upcy. This initiative supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 12.

Have an idea?

We would love to hear from you if you come up with an idea for a good, sustainable initiative that you think we should put in place as part of our contribution to UN's global goals.

Send us an email at rec@cphhostel.dk with your suggestion.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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We have saved 30 million liters of water

In 2013, ENCO Plumbing replaced all hoses and shower heads at Danhostel Copenhagen City's 196 rooms, which has resulted in us saving 30 million liters of water in seven years. In addition, we have conserved energy needed to heat the water. This approach supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 6, 12 and 13.
Check out this video about the project

GOGREEN water bottles

In the fall of 2019, we have replaced our already environmentally friendly water bottles with an even more environmentally friendly water bottle. Now, our water bottles are CO2 neutral produced from 100% recycled plastic. The bottles are produced with CO2 neutral electricity (2/3 hydropower and 1/3 wind power). The fossil fuel (natural gas) used is compensated with recognized emissions and thus made CO2 neutral. The bottles are produced by the Danish manufacturer, Husum Water, which produces a quantity of electricity equivalent to approx. 20% of our electricity needs. Overproduction from this is used to heat their buildings. This approach supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 12, 14 and 17.
Learn more about Husum Water

Bike rental

Since 2011, we have offered bike rental to our guests. In this way, guests are encouraged to cycle around Copenhagen instead of taking fuel-intensive vehicles such as cars, taxis, buses, etc. while being encouraged by the healthy alternative. The bikes are rented out in collaboration with Copenhagen Bicycles. This approach supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 9 og 17.
Learn more about Copenhagen Bicycles

Allergy-friendly duvets and pillows

Delivered by the Danish manufacturer Fossflakes ​In collaboration with the Danish manufacturer Fossflakes and De Forenede Dampvaskerier, we regulary replace all our duvets and pillows with new ones. The duvets and pillows were last replaced in the late summer of 2021. Fossflakes are inspired by the ability of down and feathers to hold on to air. A Fossflakes pillow is a blend of 70% of the finest Fossflakes Essential (polyethylene) and 30% Fossfill Clusters (polyester ball fibers). This approach supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 13 and 17.

Digital information = no waste of paper

Since 2018, we have used the solution Digital Guest, which contains tailor-made info for all our guests before and during their stay. So, a couple of days before arrival, the guest gets access to a tailored page with information for your specific stay with us. It saves us a lot of paper and is at the same time a versatile service solution for our guests, as all information is gathered here, such as maps of Copenhagen, vouchers, event calendar, taxi booking and general information about check-in and check-out, etc. This measure supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 9, 13 and 15.
Learn more about Digital Guest

Bugs for Breakfast

Do you dare to eat bugs for breakfast? At our hostel you can try the popular "Bugs for Breakfast" initiative as part of our breakfast buffet with sustainable food of the future, insects that are spicy and prepared for a delicious snack. We have had insects on the menu since 2017. There are many good reasons to introduce insects into everyday kitchen, as they are packed with proteins, fiber, healthy fatty acids, and all the good minerals your body needs. We use the suppliers Kalu A/S and Dininsektbutik.dk, both approved by the Food Authority. This measure supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 13.

We must take good care of our planet - and of each other!

No poverty

When our furniture needs to be replaced (furniture, quilts, etc.), we give it to relief organizations that help the poor and vulnerable.

In addition, we donate forgotten clothes when our guests don’t want their forgotten items back. Guests can easily tell us to donate via our “forgotten items”-form online.

Zero hunger

We prioritize using smaller plates and bowls in our restaurants to avoid food waste. We work with Too Good To Go to reduce food waste.

We also donate, when we can, excess food to the vulnerable in the local environment (homeless, poor, etc.).

Good health and well-being

We have had non-smoking rooms, dorms and common areas for years. And we try as far as possible, and wherever possible, to take into account allergens - e.g. we have allergy-friendly duvets and pillows in every room.

We offer activity events for our staff.

We support the annual marathon races in Copenhagen.

We offer bike rental to our guests - and also provide bicycle routes and walking routes to our guests.

We support We also continuously support charitable causes, such as the Danish Cancer Society, Christmas Aid, Parasport Denmark, and more.

Quality education

We strive for a continuous development process with our employees, and relevant training is offered to the staff.

We have free wi-fi for all our guests.

We host many schools throughout the year and thus also contribute to a different learning in a different environment than the usual schools.

Gender equality

At Danhostel Copenhagen City, gender segregation is offered in all dorms.

Clean water and sanitation

Several years ago, we replaced shower heads and hoses with environmentally friendly ones so no wastage arises when using water.

Aguardio water sensors are installed in all our bathrooms to encourage our guests to conserve water and resources.

Affordable and clean energy

Ongoing: When replacing light sources we switch to LED bulbs. We focus on light, heat and other energy-intensive sources. This also applies to our choice of partners and suppliers.

In all rooms we have installed censor-controlled lights in the hallways and shared toilets to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Employees are taught energy-saving initiatives and have full or partial influence on new projects.

Decent work and economic growth

We prioritize working with local players in experiences, attractions, trade, restaurants, transport, etc., including particularly sustainable suppliers.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We provide free Wi-Fi. Free loan of tablets.

We offer bike rental and contribute to the development of local cycling and walking routes in Copenhagen via the port network.

We instruct our guests to use public transport.

Reduced inequalities

Danhostel's core product is a safe environment for communities that encourage togetherness. Our guests are of all nationalities, and we have handicap-friendly and child-friendly rooms. We welcome everyone, and we strive to treat everyone with the same respect and service.

Sustainable cities and communities

We already partner with a number of local companies (including Luggage Hero, Too Good To Go, DripDrop, etc). We continuously establish more collaborations with local players in experiences / attractions, trade, restaurants, transport, etc.

In addition, we strive to strengthen the local storytelling and local attractions, including Gadens Stemmer and more.

Responsible consumption and production

Our waste handling focuses on prevention, reduction and recycling. We offer reusable plastic bottles for water. We use eco-friendly linen.

We have replaced plastic straws for a sustainable alternative. We offer umbrellas of 100% recyclable material.

Climate action

In the kitchen, we reduce meat consumption by offering alternatives such as salads, vegetarian dishes, etc.

We also offer "bugs for breakfast" at our breakfast buffet so our guests can supplement their breakfast with insects. 

Life below water

We will eliminate disposable plastics and reduce our consumption of plastics in general, e.g. plastic straws are abolished and we use cork eco pens.

We recycle our packaging from our linen bags in collaboration with our supplier DFD.

Life on land

Where possible, detergents have been replaced by less environmentally harmful substances. More products will be changed continuously as soon as we can.

Our guests receive general information through our digital customer portal, Digital Guest. This approach saves us some paper.

In 2019 we supported the Danish initiative "Plant a Tree", where we bought and planted 500 trees in Denmark.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

At Danhostel Copenhagen City we welcome everyone regardless of gender, religion, disability and ethnic background, this applies to both employees and our guests.

One of our qualities is our diversity among our employees. We are widely represented and to date we can count up to 15 nationalities in our staff.

Our guests come from all over the world, and our facilities are both child- and handicap-friendly.

Partnerships for the goals

We continuously support initiatives and collaborations that strengthen the sustainable goals for development. We have participated in various fundraising campaigns for poverty in Africa, fighting Cancer, Christmas Aid, Parasport Denmark, Plant a Tree, supporting the families of Ukraine during the war via Save the Children - Denmark, and more...

We also help strengthen collaborations across the entire Danhostel organization as well as local tourism cooperations, e.g. projects with VisitDanmark and WonderfulCopenhagen.

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