Information about our handling of the Coronavirus situation (COVID-19)

We are closely following the guidelines of the authorities so you can feel safe when staying here with us.

We encourage all guests to respect the distance and contribute to the following guidelines.

Information to you as our guest

NB! Before booking, we advise you to check the guidelines of your local authorities and the Danish ministry in terms of entering the country. Each country has their own guidelines for crossing borders. Danhostel Copenhagen City will not be held liable for any refund, due to issues resulting from problems entering the country.


Our café BAR50 is closed until 6 May 2021 according to the government's guidelines which means that our breakfast buffet is also closed. However, you can order a breakfast take-away bag of your own choice. Get more information below.

It is required to wear a mask when entering our hostel. You can take off your mask while seated or in your own room. If you refuse to wear a mask, we reserve the right to deny you access in our hostel.


Here’s how we keep you safe:

We keep our distance

  • Reception and lobby: We mark distances based on the rule of a 2-meter distance. We recommend that one person only report to reception for checking in and out, especially for group bookings.
  • Elevators: We ask our guests to use the lifts alone or with people you arrived with only. In addition, we recommend that you use the stairs as well. Please show consideration for poorly walking guests, guests with luggage etc. We appreciate your understanding regarding the wait which these guidelines may cause.
  • Buffet and café BAR50: (NB! The café is closed until 6 May 2021) We serve breakfast as take-away and follow the authorities’ guidelines for safe distance and hand hygiene.

Cleaning standards

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the reception, by common toilets and at eating areas.
  • We make sure to meet the cleaning guidelines of the authorities in rooms, dorms as well as common areas. In addition, we provide regular disinfection of exposed surfaces and contact surfaces such as door handles, keys and key cards, card terminals, elevator buttons etc.
  • On arrival, you will receive bed linen and a towel in a bag. The linen package is returned in the same bag upon departure in our deposit box in the lobby. In this way, only you are in contact with your bed linen.


Guest kitchen

  • It is required to wear a mask at our hostel, also in the guest kitchen.
  • The use of our guest kitchen is at your own risk.
  • There is a limit of 5 people using the guest kitchen at the same time.
  • We are cleaning the guest kitchen according to the authority guidelines and will ensure regular disinfection of exposed surfaces, daily replacements of dishcloths and kitchen towels.
  • Please use the available service in the guest kitchen and place it in the dishwasher after use. We ask you to not wash it by hand yourself.


Breakfast buffet and café BAR50

  • Our café BAR50 is closed until 6 May 2021 according to the government guidelines.
  • We serve breakfast as takeaway in the period listed above. Make sure to order in good time and not later than 6 p.m. on the day before. Please contact us at if you wish to order a breakfast takeaway bag. If you haven't ordered a breakfast takeaway bag in advance, we cannot serve you breakfast.
  • If breakfast buffet is included in your accommodation, you will be contacted by us with a form which you will need to fill out. The form includes your choices of breakfast which we will pack for you in a takeaway bag.
  • The takeaway bag will be available for you to pick up from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.



  • We make sure to accommodate as few people in our dorms as possible, so that a maximum of 4 people will be accommodated in an 8-person room, etc. until the guidelines in force are changed.
  • If you do not want to stay in a dorm, we offer our guests to upgrade to a private room at an advantageous price.
  • We ask you to please ensure that you use your own towel only, and that you clean up after yourself in the bathroom and generally pay regard to the other guests in the dorm.



  • We have informed all employees about COVID-19 and instructed them in handling it based on the recommendations of the authorities.
  • We have minimized the number of staff to reduce contamination by launching an emergency staffing team that works in turn.
  • If we have employees who show signs of illness, they are sent home immediately, after which the situation is handled according to specific procedures.


Do you wish to change your booking?

The hotel industry is affected really bad right now. If you are forced to cancel your trip to Copenhagen due to covid-19, we hope that you will re-book your stay instead of canceling.

At the moment, borders are open to most EU- and Schengen countries. However, each country has its own guidelines for crossing borders, and it may change with time. Please check in advance with both your own country's guidelines and the guidelines of the Danish authorities before booking.

For all guests allowed to visit us, our general cancellation policy applies. Find it here.

Booking changes must be sent to

Please note that we cannot change your booking if you have booked it through another travel partner (, etc.). If that is the case, you need to contact them instead. We encourage you to book directly with us in the future so we can help you better.


Protect yourself and others

We ask everyone to respect the seriousness of the situation at hand and advice to protect themselves and others from infection by following the recommendations of the health authorities.

  • Wear a mask at all public and common areas
  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • Cough or sneeze in your sleeve
  • Restrict physical contact
  • Pay attention to cleaning
  • Elderly and chronically ill - keep your distance and ask others to pay attention
  • If you are sick or have symptoms of the corona virus, you should isolate yourself until 48 hours after being free of symptoms.

Should we experience or become aware of a case of COVID-19 in our hostel, we will handle the situation according to specific procedures and in consultation with the Danish authorities.

We recommend that anyone with questions regarding the covid-19 situation contact us via email at