We have the following recommendations for parking when arriving to Danhostel Copenhagen City by car.

Please note that we are located in a low emission zone, which has special requirements for diesel-powered passenger cars.

Parking options

Special discount with APCOA 200 DKK per 24-hour
Public parking Use payment apps or pay stations
In parking facility 5 km away FOR FREE
Bike parking On the streets (for free)

Please note that we are located in an environmental zone, which requires special regulations for diesel-powered cars.
Parkering Apcoa

Special discounts for our guests

41% discount on parking

We have a special agreement with APCOA allowing our guests to receive a 24-hour parking ticket for only DKK 200. Paid parking applies 7 days a week and only valid for private cars. The parking ticket is valid from the time of purchase and 24 hours ahead. Parking permits and a parking map are issued at the reception desk in the hostel by registering your license plate number. Please have this information ready in advance when contacting the front desk.

Please note, that it's an outside parking lot and not a parking garage/basement. We emphasise that Danhostel Copenhagen City is merely arranging the parking permits and will not to be held responsible for any theft or damage to any vehicles or contents of vehicles in the car park.

Any vehicles parked at the car park are done so entirely at the drivers/owners risk.

Parkering Gade

Public parking in the surrounding areas

There are a few public parking areas in the streets going parallel to the main road H.C. Andersens Boulevard, which leads to the main entrance of Danhostel Copenhagen City.

You can also park in some of the surrounding small streets, for example: Puggaardsgade, Hambrosgade or Rysensteensgade.

Danhostel Copenhagen City is located in the "green" parking zone in Copenhagen.

If you need any further help we are very happy to offer advice on parking upon arriving to the hostel.

Read more about parking prices and zones here
Parkering Boern

Get FREE parking when you stay with us

No need to calculate with an expensive parking charge in your holiday budget when you stay at Danhostel Copenhagen City. If you want to travel by car to Copenhagen, you won’t have to worry about parking! We offer free parking in our two parking facilities in Valby and Frederiksberg, only 5 kilometers from hostel.

So, if you don’t plan to use your car while you are in the inner city, we recommend that you leave the car in one of our parking facilities until departure. When parking in our facilities, you not only save the parking fee - you also won’t have to look for a parking space in the jammed Copenhagen.

NOTE! It is important that you register your car at our reception before driving to the car park and that you park exactly according to our instructions. The facilities have license plate recognition and ongoing checks, and if you have not registered it with us before parking, or if you park at a different parking space than the ones we have designated, you will receive a parking ticket.

If you wish to drive directly to the car park before you check in, please contact us by email We also advise you to deactivate "pay-by-plate" on your phone, in case you have activated this on e.g. EasyPark, ApcoaFlow or other parking apps as the apps can charge you.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Book a stay with us here on our website
  2. Take the car to the hostel to drop off your and check in at our reception (Attention! Remember that it costs to park in the streets around the hostel while checking in, for example via EasyPark)
  3. Register your car at check-in - ask at reception for free parking. You will be asked to type in your license plate and phone number. Please make sure you type correctly and that you receive a confirmation SMS afterwards. This is important!
  4. Drive to the parking basement in Valby or parking lot at Frederiksberg and then start your holiday.
  5. On departure: Feel free to leave your suitcases with us while you pick up the car.

Unfortunately, we can not offer electric car charging in our parking facilites. If you have an electric or hybrid car, you are welcome to park at our facilities however you cannot charge your car here.

Danhostel Copenhagen City disclaims any responsibility should you receive a parking fine due to lack of or incorrect registration, payments through "pay-by-plate" or generally unregulated parking.

Free parking at Valby

In Valby, only a five minutes’ walk from Valby train station, you will find Valby Maskinfabrik basement parking (max. 1,9 m. high). Should you choose free parking in Valby, the quickest way to get back is by train. Walk 5 minutes to Valby train station and take the train to Central Station. From here, it takes only 10 minutes to walk to Danhostel Copenhagen City. You can also choose to take the bus (no. 10) towards Town Hall Square from Vigerslev Allé to Stormgade. 

See prices and routes for public transportation here

You could also walk back to the hostel. It takes an hour if you walk straight back. However, we recommend stopping along the way. You could make a stop at the shopping mall Fisketorvet or walk through the park Søndermarken, where you can experience the Memorial Hill and the cisterns.

You could also experience Valby while you are there - visit the mall Spinderiet for shopping and café visits, or visit ZOO and the beautiful Frederiksberg Garden.

Free parking at Frederiksberg

You can easily get back to Danhostel Copenhagen City from Frederiksberg by bus 31 towards Lergravsparken St. from Eversvej (Finsensvej) to the Glyptoteket. From here you can walk to the hostel in 2 minutes. You can also choose to walk 9 minutes to the metro (Fasanvej St.), where you can take the M2 and the city ring to the Central Station or Town Hall Square. From here it takes only 5-10 minutes’ walk to the hostel.

See the prices and routes for public transportation here

You could also walk back to the hostel. It takes an hour if you walk straight there. However, we recommend stopping along the way, e.g. for a shopping stroll along Gammel Kongevej or at the mall Frederiksberg Center, which has been voted the best shopping center several times. You can also walk through Frederiksberg Garden and maybe even visit the ZOO while you’re there.

Cykler København Nørrebrogade Drlouisesbro Sck

Bike parking

If you arrive at the hostel by bike, we kindly ask you to park on the street. Parking is, of course, free. It is not allowed to bring rental bikes or private bikes inside the hostel. If you are traveling with a bike that can be packed into a bike case/bag, you may bring it into your room.
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